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1707 Peninsula Drive • Erie, PA • 16505 • 814-833-1181 •

If you own a home in Erie, chances are strong that your builders used Kraft Lumber products to construct your house. But owner Len Kolb says his company doesn’t just cater to big contractors. “We take time as well for the regular do-it-yourself homeowner,” Kolb says. “We stand ready to serve you.”

In 1970, Kolb started Kraft Lumber, which specializes in top-of-the-line lumber and composite decking. Kraft also offers specialty products, such as marine plywood and hardwood lumber.

Kolb takes pride in Kraft’s local economic role. “We have confidence in Erie,” he says, “and do our part in building the community and its housing market. That’s a foundation we can continue to build on.”

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