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Brad Drumheller has been ahead of his time since 1977. Today, as vampire and horror films captivate theatergoers, Drumheller Creative has maintained the ability to mesmerize a unique audience. Brad recently had the opportunity to learn from one of the best horror film directors of all time. “I worked on the production staff for ‘Dawn of the Dead,' the sequel to ‘Night of the Living Dead,'” he says. “The staff was very small and George Romero let us cross into other arenas to learn all aspects of film production. I carried a 35-millimeter camera and got some great shots of behind the scenes action when we filmed for four months inside the Monroeville Mall.”

“I got to watch a fantastic, legendary director and how he worked,” Drumheller adds. “I loved the experience because I learned how to be a production assistant in all aspects.”

Drumheller's short time working in film production helped him develop an interest in video production. Today, his company, Drumheller Creative, produces commercial videos. “When I decided to jump into the video production business, it was an untapped market in Erie,” Drumheller says. “I tried to become a leader in the area with this technology. You could say I was ahead of my time in the Erie market.”

Drumheller brought something different to Erie with his commercial videos: a high quality, creative production with graphics, music, animation and professional narration. “The value added for these video productions is a lot more than other mediums,” he says. “I tailor make each commercial I produce. There is no cookie cutter process; I start with a blank screen every time.”

Drumheller works solo, in his basement studio, to see every project through to completion. “Either the client or I will come up with a script and develop a storyboard,” he explains, “and once everything is approved, I move right into production. After production is finished, I edit the raw footage, add graphics and animation; then I send the finished product to my clients via YouTube for final approval.”

In addition to commercials, Drumheller also produces sales promotional videos and videos for large events. “I have one customer who asks me to produce videos for his company's sales meetings,” he says. “I produce themed videos for event openings. My goal is to motivate people and get them excited about a new product or promotional item.”

“Another benefit to producing these videos is that I learn so much about the products I am highlighting,” Drumheller adds. “It expands my education.”

Since the 1990s, Drumheller has produced videos for the Manufacturer & Business Association's Annual Event with elaborate set designs and lighting effects. “I produce videos that highlight the sponsors and keynote speaker of the annual event,” he says. “I also splash the main ballroom with videos to immerse the audience in the event. One year, I made the whole room look like it was near the ocean.”

Drumheller was originally a graphic artist by trade, but he saw opportunity in the video market. Video production also gave him another outlet to pursue his passion for creativity. “With video production, I have a chance to tell a story,” he says. “I love coming up with something new. The customers are consistently impressed and it shows results for their bottom line. That keeps perpetuating my passion and continues to challenge me.”


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