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141 East 26th Street • Erie, PA • 16504 • 814-452-3487 •
Levco Communications

Whether they need a high-tech communications system for their business or just a few spare cables to interface their home computer with their TV, Erieites know they can rely on Levco Communications.

Started in 1977 in a building on Front Street by Sam Levine, Levco Communications specializes in installing and servicing a wide variety of telecommunications systems such as telephones, apartment entry intercoms, card access entries, help call systems, audio/video conferencing, and industrial paging.

Now located in a 28,000-square-foot facility on East 26th Street, Levco and its four employees serve approximately 500 customers throughout Erie and surrounding areas in northwest Pennsylvania and western New York.

“Most of our customers are in the healthcare, educational, governmental, or commercial/industrial markets,” says Frank Gildersleeve, a long-time employee of Levco Communications who took over as President after Sam Levine’s retirement in 1993. “High-tech systems, such as audio/video conferencing that features touch screen control of lights and sounds, are becoming more and more commonplace for all of our customers.”

Levco can also service retail customers by providing major brand electronic component parts

such as cables, capacitors, connectors, fuses, relays and transistors through its parts division.

“We started Levco Parts in 1995 to fill in the missing gaps for customers who wanted a local source for quality electronic parts,” Gildersleeve explains.

Levco Communications prides itself on being able to devise a solution for any problem.

“Reporters at the Erie Times News used to listen to scanners to pick up news, which could get very noisy,” says Gildersleeve. “We came up with six-channel wireless speakers for each desk so that every reporter had an individual listening station. We look at a problem and come up with a solution that may not be the exact application the manufacturer intended, but we make it work for the particular situation.”

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