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1110 Chestnut Street • Erie, PA • 16501 • 814-453-4864 •

In the late 1800s, Henry Hagenlocher met a young entrepreneur named Henry Ford. An inspired Hagenlocher returned to Erie and built the “Hagenlocher No. 1,” which topped out at a speedy 15 miles per hour.

Over a century later, Briggs Hagenlocher Automotive is still an industry leader. Speeds change, but what remains is the commitment at Briggs Hagenlocher to provide a superior level of expertise and service to meet the demands of today's automobiles.

The company not only services automobiles, but also sells wholesale auto parts, straight from quality manufacturers, to provide the best performance and value. “Having a service shop and a parts store, gives us the perspective of what works well,” says owner Mike Noel. “As such, our customers receive a higher level of service and value than the big box stores provide.”

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