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1405 Olde Road • Findley Lake, NY • 14736 • 716-355-4141 •

Peek’n Peak Resort and Spa which was acquired by Scott Enterprises in 2011, is located in Findley Lake, NY. The famed resort – which has long been considered a regional gem in its nearly 50 years of operation, welcomes visitors year after year to stay in the foothills of western New York where they find a backyard of adventure. During the winter, the resort is host to 105 acres of skiable terrain on 27 slopes and trails that feature runs from beginner to advanced levels as well as cross country skiing trails. In 2012, Peek’n Peak added an all new BagJump and 720 terrain park in addition to their 3 other progressive terrain parks. The resort also boasts a 5 lane tubing arena that provides fun for all ages.

Once the snow disappears, the resort offers two championship caliber golf courses full of unique terrain and natural features, including panoramic rolling hills, deep sand bunkers and mature hardwoods, creating a spectacular atmosphere that is unrivaled. The Peak’s upper golf course hosted the PGA Nationwide Tour from 2002-2007. Segway adventure tours are offered seasonally as well. Year-round, visitors come to relax in the Serenity Spa by Aveda for a full range of facial and body treatments or to dine in a casual or fine dining setting. Since acquiring Peek’n Peak in 2011, Scott Enterprises has invested $5 million dollars into the resort including $2.2 million into brand new luxurious rooms. Condominiums are also available to rent for larger groups. The resort offers 22,000 square feet of meeting space great for weddings and catered events. No matter what the occasion, Peek’n Peak is sure to offer any guest a memorable stay.

Peek’n Peak History

The story of Peek’n Peak starts long, long ago… well, almost half a century, in a “town” far, far away… not so terribly far away from Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, a band of rebel skiers… Just a minute! I think we have our adventure stories tangled together! Let’s try again…

Our adventure story begins in 1963, when several businessmen from the Clymer, NY area discussed the concept of introducing the sport of skiing in the southwestern corner of New York State. The area seemed perfect for a ski resort since it lies in the snow belt just above the ridge of Lake Erie, where warm, moist air is carried from the lake and meets cooler air inland, traditionally depositing over 200” of snow each winter.

Otto Schneibs came down from Lake Placid to design the trail layouts. An Old English theme was adopted – thus, Robin Hood’s Retreat, Long Bow, Will Scarlet’s Secret, Friar Tuck’s Trek, and Little John’s Jaunt were the first slopes and trails. Old Road was moved to accommodate the ski areas. The offices and ticket sales were housed in an old school bus. With the name and property in place, and with hopes of attracting not only area skiers, but skiers from Ohio and Pennsylvania areas as well, Peek’n Peak opened in the winter of 1964-65 as a ski resort. Featured were two ski lifts (a J-Bar and a T-Bar), 6 slopes and trails, and a lift ticket price of $4.50 on weekends, $3.00 for the beginner area, and a $.50 discount for weekday tickets! The lifts operated only during the day, since there were no lights on the slopes. The main ski lodge was soon built, and was less than half of the size of today’s ski lodge.

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