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2632 West 8th Street • Erie, PA • 16505 • 814-835-5232 •

From the moment you step into Kada Gallery, you will feel an emotional and spiritual refreshing. As you take in the soothing sound of the gallery’s waterfalls and lay your eyes on the handcrafted, life-size carousel horse just inside the door, any stress you carried in will melt into tranquility.

No matter what emotion captures you within the gallery, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. Kathy and Joe DeAngelo, owners of Kada Gallery, personally greet each person that steps through their door with a quiet invitation to come in and feed your soul. “It is a privilege to be here every day; it doesn’t feel a bit like work,” says Kathy DeAngelo. “We love sharing art and enjoy making it a special and rewarding experience for our guests. We are fortunate to be able to do what we do. We don’t push anyone — it is all about connecting with the art, and if you buy — that’s even better!”

Since opening in 1993, the Kada Gallery has grown into the largest dealer of original art in the region, showcasing works from locally, regionally, nationally and internationally recognized artists utilizing a variety of mediums. “It is important for us to do the research and know everything about an artist before we take on their work,” says DeAngelo. “We love to be able to tell the story of their art to our supporters. We have pieces that no one else has, and we keep a constantly changing variety. Because the art sells, there is always something new to see.”

Kada Gallery also offers museum quality custom and conservation framing. They’ll find the perfect frame for your favorite photo, your new piece of art, or your child’s original masterpiece.

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