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6005 Perry Highway • Erie, PA • 16509 • 814-833-6063 •

For the New Apostolic Church, it’s all about creating a comfortable environment that invites people towards a life with God. “Our vision statement states: a church in which people feel at home and inspired by the Holy Spirit and their love for God; align their lives to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thus prepare themselves for His return and eternal life,” says Winfred Jacob, the church’s director of communications.

The church originally started in Germany in 1863, and spread quickly across the world. German immigrants established the congregation in Erie in 1932. “Our congregation, in addition to caring for their own spiritual needs in Erie, helped plant the seeds for new congregations in Western New York, Northern Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio,” says Pastor Peter Wagner. “The church has also supported numerous missionary outreach efforts in India and Africa.”

The local congregation dedicated their current worship space on Perry Highway in 2003. In addition to serving the congregation’s spiritual needs, this location is also an administrative office for the New Apostolic Church in the United States and the office for District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb. “He is a native son of Erie, and has grown up in the local congregation since birth,” says Jacob. “In 2008, he was ordained by the New Apostolic Church International to care for the roughly 250 congregations within the domestic United States, as well as congregations within Central and South America.”

The church continues to spread its message of building a community of God throughout the world. “Our mission statement reads: reaching out to all people in order to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to baptize them with water and the Holy Spirit,” says Wagner. “We want to provide soul care and cultivate a warm fellowship in which everyone shall experience the love of God and the joy of serving Him and others.”

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