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1801 Pittsburgh Avenue • Erie, PA • 16502 • 855-ONE-ZURN •

In 1900, John A. Zurn purchased discontinued patterns for a patented backwater valve from Erie City Iron Works. After setting up shop in a barn in his mother’s backyard, he established what would become the modern day Zurn Industries, LLC. For more than a century, Zurn Engineered Water Solutions has proven itself as an innovator and leading manufacturer of highly engineered water product solutions. Remaining true to its Erie roots, Zurn continues to maintain a strong presence at its original Erie location, while expanding into a nationwide manufacturing and distribution network.

Zurn is committed to developing innovative and performance driven products focused on water conservation, water control, water safety and hygiene, and water comfort. Their diverse portfolio provides performance and reliability from the source of fresh water through the end stages of wastewater treatment. As a recognized market leader in the healthcare, commercial, industrial and education markets, Zurn delivers sustainable building solutions for new construction, retrofit, and replacement applications. Zurn's extensive product offering includes specification drainage products, manual and sensor operated flush valves and faucets, radiant heating systems, snow melt systems, linear trench drains, backflow preventers, pressure regulators, fire protection systems, and much more. This unique offering makes Zurn one of the largest manufacturers of plumbing products and accessories in North America.

The pioneering philosophy that shaped Zurn over 100 years ago continues to inspire today's innovative technology. Listening to the customer, leading innovation, team inspiration, global expansion, and continuous progress remain essential to the company's success. Zurn Industries impacts the world every day with its undisputable reputation regarding water conservation, water safety, and water control. Sustainable plumbing solutions are more than just an initiative — they’re a commitment to preserving resources while creating products that help the construction community build a better world. Innovation will shape the future of our planet, and Zurn will be there every step of the way.

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