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3514 State Street • Erie, PA • 16508 • 814-454-5201 •

WSEE-TV has been serving the communities of our region since first going on the air on April 24, 1954.Part of that service is bringing the sports, news and entertainment programming of CBS into local homes.

But community service means more. It means covering the news that affects us; from local elections to severe weather to the twists and turns of the economy, documenting the key moments that impact who we are and change our lives as neighbors.

Community service also means a willingness to get involved, to help sponsor events that raise funds to fight cancer, battle hunger and provide for those people devastated by the natural disasters covered by our news teams.

It means following the story where it takes us, be that Harrisburg or Pittsburgh or Houston or Rome.

It also means dedicating time to issues that matter. Each week The Insider program does just that, speaking with newsmakers and non-profit organizations in an expanded format that looks more closely at the problems of our region and the efforts underway to address them.

That commitment also extends to providing our neighbors with the best that technology allows. Thatís why WSEE is the first commercial station to offer its locally produced newscasts in a High Definition television format.

Going HD requires a major investment from a television station as every camera, wire and transmitter has to be upgraded to carry the state-of-the-art signal over the air, through cable systems and across satellite receivers.

It requires us to understand that today people canít always stop to sit in front of a television. Thatís why WSEE offers a wide range of web, text and social media services, all aimed to hit the moving target that is our lives these days, to not only get the information out when itís needed, but where itís needed as well.

The CBS eye is more than a logo. For WSEE, it is a commitment. A commitment to see whatís happening, to watch out for those who live here and to look for ways to make the lives of the people who call this place home, better.

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